Russell Market, Bangalore, India

Apologies for the delay in adding my India photos. Please forgive me!
My first venture out on my own in India was to the Russell Market. The streets surrounding the market are jam packed with vendors, housewives, child merchants and water buffaloes. I circled the building twice before entering. I laugh about it now but at the time I was overwhelmed by the noises, smells and throngs of people vying for my tourist dollar. Once inside, it was exactly what I had imagined. A maze of merchants selling exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers. This is where the best hotels and families purchase their produce in Bangalore. If I only I had access to a kitchen during my stay I would have bought up half the produce there!

Russell Market 01

Entrance to the market.

Russell Market 2

Rows of vegetable stands.

Russell Market 3

I think he was OK with me taking this picture?

Russell Market 4

Packaged sweets and fruits on offer.

Russell Market 5

This man gave me a rose. I convinced myself it was because he was so taken with my beauty. In reality, I think he just wanted me to spend some money at his stand.

Russell Market 6

Recycling in India.

I suppose most westerners would be put off at the sight of farm animals grazing indoors but somehow this added to the ambiance.

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