Scalcione Di Cipolle (Savoury Onion Pie)

Some people might turn their nose up at an onion and anchovy pie. But not the Italians! Lucky for us, Italian heritage isn’t a prerequisite for appreciating sweet, slow-cooked onions with salty anchovies and olives.  While Scalcione Di Cipolle is traditionally made with dense and crumbly pie dough, I prefer a flaky crust and haveContinue reading “Scalcione Di Cipolle (Savoury Onion Pie)”

Calamansi Iced Tea (Calamantea)

  In the Philippines, iced tea is a staple. Much as we in North America enjoy our iced tea with lemon, in the Philippines, calamansi is the citrus of choice. The calamansi fruit tastes like a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange. It works perfectly in iced tea, and this recipe will fast become yourContinue reading “Calamansi Iced Tea (Calamantea)”

Bratwurst Sausage Recipe

My cousin Claire and I like to get together once a month to tackle a new skill in the kitchen. This month we decided to try our hands at sausage making. I didn’t think homemade sausage would taste so much better than store bought…but it does. (No hard gristly bits to chew on). Before evenContinue reading “Bratwurst Sausage Recipe”

Korean Perilla Leaves and Rice

This recipe is essentially a marinade for the leaves. After the leaves have sat in the marinade for 2 days, they are removed and used as a sort of taco/grape leaf hybrid to wrap around sticky glutinous short grained rice. The flavour of the leaves is the draw here. They taste of basil and corianderContinue reading “Korean Perilla Leaves and Rice”