Bangalore, India

Initially, Bangalore was simply a transfer point on my itinerary. I was meant to catch a bus at the airport and start a 3 hour journey to Mysore for the annual Dussehra festival. Life conspired for me to stay and I am forever grateful. It is a beautiful city and I thought I would share a few random photos with you before I carry on with my trip.



I love this photo! It looks like the man walking is a ghost! I am fairly sure he was real and my taxi was simply whizzing by too fast to get a good shot……but…….maybe not.


I’m just going to put this out there; I RARELY saw women wearing helmets on motorcycles. Often times the man driving would have on a helmet. But almost always the woman clutching on to him and sitting side saddle had no helmet and a meter of long black braids whipping to and fro. Some were pregnant and some were carrying babies! I realize different cultures have different values; but I see the beginning of a charity campaign in the West. “Holding on for dear life, Protect the wife!” ?


This drink was on all the hotel menus. It is essentially the juice of 1 fresh lime, sugar, club soda and maybe 1/8 tsp of grated green cardamon. Wowzers was it good! I will be recreating this at home for sure.

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