Italian ‘Peaches’ by Marco’s Mom

If there is one treat my boyfriend loves more than any other, it’s his mom’s home made ‘peaches’. This is an Italian pastry and one I rarely see for sale. Two half circles of alcohol soaked cake are hollowed and filled with a lemony/boozy pastry cream. They are then rolled in an alcohol/food colouring syrupContinue reading “Italian ‘Peaches’ by Marco’s Mom”

Latin American Emporium

Whenever I am in Kensington Market, (which is often), I stop in at the Latin American Emporium for supplies and a snack. They have a great selection of hard to find South American herbs and ingredients. The kitchen in the rear churns out delicious tamales, pupusas and tacos. Long before the high end taco trend swept ourContinue reading “Latin American Emporium”

Christmas Yule Logs and the Brown family Christmas Tree

As Pastry Chef for Mabel’s Bakery on Roncesvalles, I came up with two versions of the classic Christmas Yule Log. A chocolate log with hazelnut swiss buttercream and a vanilla log with raspberry compote, toasted almonds and vanilla swiss buttercream. Needless to say, they were a huge hit! Grandma’s cookie press and shortbread mould.