Arrived in Mumbai!

Back for my second trip to India, this time with my cousin. I am officially obsessed with India, so it feels fantastic to be back!

A lot of people ask me; “why India?” They wonder why I would chose to spend my vacation on the other side of the world, in a country known for poverty and over-crowding. Well, India is a complex and intriguing country. It is true that poverty and over-crowding are almost omnipresent. It is also a land of unbelievable contrast, diversity, and geography.

Golden temples rub shoulders with shanty towns. Buddhists and Hindus pray at the birthplaces of their faiths. The world’s highest mountain range, sandy rolling deserts, huge metropolitan cities, dense and leafy jungles, and sandy palm fringed beaches; are all contained within it’s borders. It is possible to ski in the Himalayas, sleep in a nomadic desert tent, and stroll sandy beaches in the south; all in a week’s vacation.

If India has been on your bucket list of countries to visit, I would encourage you to book a ticket and dive in. You will hate me for it in the beginning; when the honking traffic and lingering odours make you question your sanity. Then you will smell the flowers, taste the food, hear children playing, and hold hands with a friendly grandpa as he guides you around his favourite temple; and you will love me forever.



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