Kunga Restaurant, Darjeeling, India

There is a large population of Tibetans in exile living in Darjeeling. The streets are plastered with slogans calling for an independent Gorkhaland. (They call themselves Gorkhas). Unlike the Indians at the base of the mountain, the Gorkha cuisine is light on vegetables and heavy on meat and starches. In the cold climate of the mountains, this is exactly what I was craving.

I took a few shots of the best Gorkha restaurant in Darjeeling; Kunga. Located near the center of town, this restaurant is always busy and their tiny kitchen produces delicious made to order momos and thenthuk soup.


The owner is sitting in front of the Coca Cola fridge. His daughter in blue is one of the waitresses.


Fresh pork momos.


Bhagthuk soup.


The menu. I wanted to remember it forever. Plus, it’s a handy reference point for researching recipes I may attempt in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the fight for Gorkhaland please follow this link. Wikipedia: Gorkhaland

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