Calamansi Iced Tea (Calamantea)

  In the Philippines, iced tea is a staple. Much as we in North America enjoy our iced tea with lemon, in the Philippines, calamansi is the citrus of choice. The calamansi fruit tastes like a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange. It works perfectly in iced tea, and this recipe will fast become yourContinue reading “Calamansi Iced Tea (Calamantea)”

The Golden Temple

I had dreamed of visiting the fabled Golden Temple of Amritsar, located in the state of Punjab, for years. So when it came time to narrow down our list of places to visit during a short 2 week stay in India, I insisted we make the long trek from Kerala to Amritsar. Bizarrely, there are almost no direct flightsContinue reading “The Golden Temple”

Indian Fruit Stands

In India, the ubiquitous fruit stand is on every corner. Purchasing a piece of fruit as a snack is common place. While North America has become accustomed to mono-cultures (only one variety of limes available across North America), Indian fruit stands seem to offer varieties of fruits based on the season, region, and preference. AnotherContinue reading “Indian Fruit Stands”

Babulnath Mandir (Hindu Temple)

There is nothing I like more than sitting in the corner of a Hindu Temple and soaking in the surroundings. I met only lovely people while I was here. They treated me like a brother, not an outsider. My new friends guided me through a few religious rituals. I stood surrounded by locals as we chanted,Continue reading “Babulnath Mandir (Hindu Temple)”

Govinda’s Restaurant (Part of the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir Hare Krishna Temple)

We ate at this vegetarian restaurant 3 times during our short stay in Mumbai. It is right beside the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir (a Hare Krishna Temple). The food alone is worth the tripto the restaurant, but the added bonus of visiting a beautiful Hare Krishna temple next door makes this a must in my books.Continue reading “Govinda’s Restaurant (Part of the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir Hare Krishna Temple)”

Bratwurst Sausage Recipe

My cousin Claire and I like to get together once a month to tackle a new skill in the kitchen. This month we decided to try our hands at sausage making. I didn’t think homemade sausage would taste so much better than store bought…but it does. (No hard gristly bits to chew on). Before evenContinue reading “Bratwurst Sausage Recipe”