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Questions For A Potential Travel Partner

While even the most memorable vacations can present their share of challenges; planning a vacation with a friend/loved one, without discussing potential conflicts, could be disastrous. With expectations high, and hard-earned money spent, it is is easy for tempers to flare… and disappointment to set-in. Before you go ahead and book those cheap flights you found online, sit down with your proposed travel partner and go over my questionnaire. I promise this exercise will save you a lot of frustration down the road.

Each traveler should answer the questions as honestly as possible. (I would recommend writing each other’s responses down for reference at a later date). After answering all the questions, if you still feel confident you will make good travel buddies, go ahead and start planning! You have my approval.

Questions For A Potential Travel Partner

  1. What do you want to get out of this experience?
  2. Where in (proposed country) do you want to visit?
  3. What do you NOT want to do in (proposed country)? (Ex. swim with dolphins, sleep outdoors, etc.)
  4. Will  budget differences present an issue? (Eating at reasonably priced restaurants, travelling by bus instead of plane, etc.)
  5. What is your vacation budget? (Including; air, hotel, food, excursions, local travel, entertainment, etc.)
  6. What criteria do you have for accommodations? (Separate beds? Separate rooms? Wi-Fi? Balcony?)
  7. Where do you draw the line in terms of personal comfort? (Ex. dormitory accommodations, confronting extreme poverty, questionable animal shows, squat toilets, no A/C, bland food, etc.)
  8. Do you feel comfortable/safe going to (proposed country)?
  9. Are your daily routine/styles compatible? (Both morning people? Lights out at bed time? Party animal?)
  10. How will we handle disagreements?
  11. Are you comfortable being stared at/being center of attention in a foreign country?
  12. Are you prepared to dress modestly in conservative areas?
  13. Will you be comfortable having alone time during the day? During the evening? Will we have ‘alone’ time? Is alone time ‘safe’ outside of the hotel?
  14. Are you ok with (proposed country’s) rules on alcohol/smoking/drugs? Will you be able to abstain in those areas?
  15. Have you, or will you receive, immunization shots? Will you have travel medical insurance? Will you share that information with me?
  16. What happens if someone else wants to join the trip? (Your friend/family member or mine). How will that affect our dynamic? Will we still go on our planned trip if  I don’t want your friend/family member to come?

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